Scrumptious Chocolate Cupcakes

These delicious chocolate cupcakes are the perfect naughty treat that I bake time and time again. The following recipe makes 12.

REVIEW | Snow Flower and the Secret Fan | Lisa See

If you liked Memoires of a Geisha then you’re going to love this beautiful tale.

Spicy Bruschetta

Bruschetta is an Italian antipasto (starter) which consists of toasted Italian bread drenched in olive oil and garlic served typically with tomatoes. This is one of my favourite starters to make as it is delicious and everyone I serve it to are always mesmerised by the flavours. Serve this recipe as an impressive starter or eat it for a tasty lunch. This recipe serves 4.

Peace & Tranquility

Standing alone on a beach looking out into the open air with nothing to take in but the deep blue water and the sound of crashing waves is where I find tranquility. I could sit on a beach for hours pondering on my thoughts and ideas or reading a good book. Sometimes I can find life quite hectic so a trip to the beach or a walk amongst nature with nobody around is perfect to set my mind straight. I have an appreciation of the sea because I have lived in the midlands all of my life, in fact I live very close to the official central point of England which is in a village called Meriden. So when I do get the opportunity to visit the coast, I always make it my priority to spend a day or two in the company of the sea to take a breather from the stresses of life and relax. There’s something about the fresh sea air that inspires and revives me.

10 of the World's Most Expensive Foods

I love food. I’m always trying new foods at restaurants and trying out new recipes at home so I got to thinking what could money buy for a rich person’s palate?  As a result, I’ve done some digging and have found 10 of the world’s most expensive foods. Some sound mouth-wateringly delicious and others I’m not so fond of but i'll leave that up to you to decide what you like… Anyhow, I hope you find this as interesting as I have!

Sleek Favourites

A girl should be two things: Who and what she wants.” Coco Chanel

I am a huge fan of Sleek cosmetics. They’re affordable and are nicely pigmented so are of really great quality. Plus all of their products are animal friendly. Here are some of my favourites and how I use them. 

Prawn, Mango & Avocado Salad

This simple salad is perfect for a healthy summer lunch or light evening meal. It is a taste explosion with the contrast of sweet and spicy. The following recipe serves 2.

My Make-Up Bag Essentials

I am an avid lover of make-up and for me to leave the house without wearing any is like not wearing any clothes! I started wearing make-up at around 14yrs old due to getting chicken pox during my teenage years. I was extremely self-conscious of the scars the infection left so my mum bought me my first bottle of foundation and showed me the basics on how to apply it. After many years, my collection and skills have bloomed. Though I’m still left with a few scars, cosmetics give me the confidence to feel good about myself.

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