10 of the World's Most Expensive Foods

I love food. I’m always trying new foods at restaurants and trying out new recipes at home so I got to thinking what could money buy for a rich person’s palate?  As a result, I’ve done some digging and have found 10 of the world’s most expensive foods. Some sound mouth-wateringly delicious and others I’m not so fond of but i'll leave that up to you to decide what you like… Anyhow, I hope you find this as interesting as I have!

1.       Italian White Alba Truffle - £165,000 (330,000) 1.5Kg

“The Diamond of the Kitchen” Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

The White Alba Truffle gets its name due to being found famously within the countryside surrounding the cities of Alba and Asti in Italy. A man named Stanley Ho set the record for the highest price paid single white truffle at a huge £165,000 ($330,000) which weighed 1.5 Kg. The expensive truffles are said to have a subtle, slightly floral taste with a meaty texture.

2.       Yubari King Melons - £12,800 ($20,000)

The Yubari King Melon is a cantaloupe cultivar farmed in Yubari, Hokkaido in Japan. The record price paid for a pair of Yubari King Melons was ¥2.5 million (£12,800/$20,000) in 2008. The melon is prized for its juicy sweetness as well as its beautiful proportions.

3.       Almas Caviar –  £6,500 ($10,000) 1Kg

Beluga caviar consists of the roe (eggs) of the Beluga Sturgeon. Almas Beluga Caviar is the world’s most famous caviar costing between £4,500 - £6,500 ($7,000 – $10,000) per Kg. Beluga caviar is most often served on its own in order to fully experience the subtle flavours and textures that makes the fine delicacy that it is. Caviar is popular due to its unique texture; the eggs are said to pop on your tongue and the rich, slightly sweet taste oozes into your mouth and the flavours fill your nose.

4.       Bluefin Tuna £4,865 ($7,600) 1Kg

A single Bluefin tuna fish sold for £1.05m ($1.7m) in Japan, 2012 which works out at about £4,865 ($7,600) per Kg. The tuna fish is highly popular in Japan to be used within sushi dishes.

5.       Ayam Cemani Chicken - £1,500 ($2,350)

Rare Ayam Cemani Chickens, native to Indonesia, are completely black running right through their core. The birds' black colour occurs as a result of excess pigmentation of the tissues, caused by a genetic condition known as fibromelanosis. The chickens are said to taste similar to free-range chickens.

6.       Pule Cheese £715 ($1,116) 1Kg

Pule is made from the milk of Balkan donkeys from Serbia and is the world’s most expensive cheese costing £715 ($1,116) per Kg. The cheese is so expensive because of its rarity. It is known as a crumbly white cheese, similar to mild cheddar with a deeper, richer taste.

7.       Golden Phoenix Cupcake £645 ($1,007)

The world’s most expensive cupcake is the Golden Phoenix Cupcake which costs £645 ($1,007). It is sold at Dubai’s Bloomsbury’s Cupcakes store and is made with the finest chocolate and wrapped in 23 carats of edible gold.

8.       Civet Coffee - £450 ($700) 1 Kg

Civet Coffee is one of the most expensive coffee’s in the world. Interestingly, what makes this coffee so ‘special’ is that it includes part-digested coffee cherries which are eaten and digested by the Asian palm civet. The digested coffee costs £450 ($700) Per Kg. This clearly goes to show that people will pay money for a story behind their food.

9.       Wagyu Steak £200 ($312) per 16oz

Wagyu cattle are native to Kobe, Japan. The cattle are raised on a diet that is high in beer and receive a daily massage with a sake. The meat is known for its quality and has a distinct marbled look. The meat can cost as much as £200 ($312) per 16 oz.

10.   To’ak Chocolate - £169 ($260) per bar

To’ak chocolate is said to be the world’s most expensive chocolate costing £169 ($260) per bar which weighs 1.5 ounces. The bar contains 81% of the finest grade cocoa and the rest sugar, requiring 36 steps to make the bar and therefore is extremely pure. 

I've always wanted to try caviar, what would you like to try? 

Love Amber x


  1. Amazing post!
    Keep in touch xoxo

  2. Being a vegetarian I can't even try some of these :( Lovely post! Hope you are well honey xx

    Fae | Sodaberries

    1. Haha, I don't think i'd be able to afford most of these to try them anyways in my life time! Here's hoping! Also, 3 of my best friends are veggies too so I always have to accommodate for them when they're over and i'm cooking. Keep your eye out for some veggie posts in the future!
      I am well indeed thanks, you too.

      Amber xx


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