Friday, 25 March 2016

Journal Keeping

A journal is an invaluable mirror offering you a true reflection of your personal growth and development. The blank pages of our journals can offer us a place to express our inner most feelings when we are feeling lonely with no one to talk to or listen to us. Writing a journal is an excellent tool to help raise your self-awareness.

A journal is a place where you can give life through the written world to all of your feelings. It is where you can take off your mask and be yourself. It is where you can become your own trusted friend.

It’s important to make time for a journal so my top tip is to give yourself 10 minutes a day to write down your thoughts and feelings. Find a comfortable, isolated place, then, do what you need to do to ground yourself and begin. Remember – you aren’t writing a diary, you are connecting with yourself and finding a way to express your feelings.

Tips on what to write about:

  • Happiness! What was good that happened today?
  • Special events
  • Future plans
  • How you are feeling
  • Friendships and Love
  • Work
  • Travel plans
  • What would you do/buy if you won the lottery? (this is very fun to write about)
There are many journaling methods out there for you to have a play around with. My favourites are scrap-booking and writing down happy thoughts. You may use pictures or drawings to express yourself too – whatever feels right. Just have a go and see what happens.

I don’t tend to write down what upsets me anymore in a journal. If I need to write it down I will write it on a blank piece of paper, rip it up and put it in the bin so that I don’t have to remember those feelings again.

Journaling can help in many ways:

  • To express yourself
  • To record memories
  • To deal with difficult feelings and help to contain them
  • To deal with panic and anxiety
  • To find answers
  • To make commitments to yourself
  • To reach important goals
  • To look back and see how much you/things have changed
  • To say exactly how you feel
  • To log important dreams or nightmares
  • To free your mind 
Have a go and see where it takes you. I’d love to know what your journaling tips are so let me know in the comments. 

Love Amber x


  1. Such a cute journal! I would love to keep one but I feel I'd forget! :( xx

    Jasmine ||

    1. I don't always remember myself but it really helps to ground me. I have about 5 of them all for different purposes!

      Amber x

  2. I love this journal it is so cute. I kept a diary for years but stopped. I really should get back to keeping one!



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