Monday, 21 March 2016

Spring and Little Lambs

It’s finally spring! Spring is my favourite season, not only is it my birthday in spring, I always look forward to the warmer sunny days, the beautiful green grass and yellow daffodils that begin to bloom. Plus it’s Easter soon which means… CHOCOLATE! And family time of course, plus a bank holiday to get lots of blogging work done!

Unlike many people across the UK, I will not being going anywhere over the Easter bank holiday, however I have booked a trip to Venice for my birthday in April which I am super excited about! I will be going with my boyfriend Charlie. I’ve always wanted to go and have been advised April is a good time of year to go due to it not being too hot, muggy and smelly, nor full of tourists. I will be documenting the entire experience and am looking forward to blogging all about my trip.

Anyways, back to what this blog post is meant to be about! This spring has been very exciting as over the past couple of weeks I have had the privilege of helping tiny little lambs enter the world and I thought I’d share this experience with you all! The majority of the flock are Oxford Downs, the largest of the British breeds.

Lambing is such an amazing experience. What I found most special was that I was the first human to hold a couple of the newborn lambs. You have to pick them up and place them in a pen so they don't get squished by other ewe's or lost for that matter.

Newborn lambs are the sweetest thing, I hope you enjoy the photos I took of them capturing their first moments. It's surprising how quickly a newborn lamb will get up and start searching for milk, it takes them a matter of minuets to try and fill their tummies.

I love the picture below, it's truly adorable. The ewe's are very protective over their lambs and will sniff the lamb to make sure it's hers so that no other lambs can steal any milk.

So there you have it, I am now a basic skilled shepherdess! I hope you all have a lovely Spring.

Let me know what you think to this blog post in the comments and if you have any questions.

Love Amber x


  1. What a lovely post. It must have been an amazing experience for you to witness seeing the lambs being born and to hold them as well must have been such a special moment. I love the Spring time toi but I've never been lucky enough to hold a new born lamb. Brilliant photos too!
    I hope you have a lovely birthday in April 💕 x
    Sharon from

    1. It is an amazing experience. There was one last year that we had to bottle feed as he mum wasn't producing milk. I got to name her - her name's Millie and she will happily still come up to humans a year later.

      Amber x


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