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Look Book of Venice (Venice I)

As some of you may be aware if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, I visited Venice for a long weekend over my twenty-third birthday with my boyfriend Charlie. This post is all about 'looking' and giving you a bit of an insight on what I loved about Venice. 

We arrived in Venice on Friday 15th April at around 4 'o' clock. We had no idea where we were going so I asked a friendly lady at a water bus counter how to get to our hotel. She advised on a water bus line and so I bought us two return tickets which cost around 30 euros each. We then decided to follow the crowds on a 10 minuet walk to the water bus terminal. After queuing in the sunshine for a while we finally got on the boat. It was great taking in the views but boy it didn't seem to move very fast. The private water taxis seemed to fly by us in comparison. If you ever visit Venice, I suggest getting a water taxi! As when you've been travelling all day, you don't want to spend any longer reaching your final destination. It's a lot more expensive though so be warned. 

We had to then get on another boat which took us to our hotel which was situated around a half hour walk from St. Marks Square within the greenest part of Venice, right next to Venezia Football Club as we found out on the Sunday when a match was on. It was great fun hearing the Italian football chants. 

The walk in from our hotel was a pleasure and meant that we were able to take in some beautiful views that we would not have seen if we stayed closer to St. Marks Square. I was very happy with the hotels location though it got a bit much when you were on your feet all day every day. It was a half hour walk too and from the hotel each day into St. Marks Square. 

The hotel we stayed in was lovely - Hotel Sant Elena. It is a renovated convent and was really spacious and modern. I was very happy with the hotel considering I got it at a very good price for what it was. I would definitely suggest staying a bit further out so you get a nice hotel on a lower budget. 

There was Wisteria everywhere on our walk into the town centre. It truly was beautiful. It was draped across buildings and clung to bridges. 

Venice is famous for being built upon marshland which makes the city very unique. There wasn't a car in sight as everyone has to travel by boat or foot. The winding canals were something out of this world to me. They were really enchanting and all connected by what seemed like hundreds of bridges. 

Luckily, as we visited Venice in April, we didn't get any rain so no flooding. In fact it was hot enough that I was sun burnt one day! Silly me not putting sun screen on whilst sitting outside in the sunshine one lunch time. One shoulder ended up being bright red. Though, it did get cold in the evenings. As it wasn't too hot, we rarely smelt the notorious 'stink of Venice'. There was a whiff occasionally but it was hardly noticeable at all. 

This young man below was playing a violin in the streets. I recorded him too. He wasn't playing any classics, he was playing Justin Bieber! I couldn't believe it and it was really enjoyable. 

The Grand Canal was another beautiful place we visited. According to our gondola tour guide, a 7 star hotel is situated amongst the Grand Canal - the only one in Europe. 

The sunsets were amazing in Venice. Watching the sun fade away behind the romantic city of Venice was a dream. We got to watch the sun set every evening as we ventured out of the hotel to find a restaurant.

We both had the loveliest time and I really did feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be in Venice over my birthday. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip here and would consider visiting again some day. It's not somewhere you need to visit more than once though really. Once you've seen it you don't need to again like most cities. We were able to see and do a lot within the three days that we spent there. 

If I could visit again, I would visit Murano/Burano - the glass making areas within Venice. It would have been nice to have watched how it is made as the glass they make is very pretty. Other than that I think we had plenty of time to see everything and do what we wanted. 

I'll be posting a blog post on food in Venice and another on my favourite things I got up to whilst I was there so stay tuned! 

Love Amber x



  1. Amber I LOVE your blog! And gorgeous post on Venice - I went a couple of years ago now and it was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. You make me want to do more travel writing!

    Thank you for a lovely #fblchat tonight, I love your blog so much! Now following on Bloglovin' :) Would love it if you could check out mine too: www.emilyjbenton.com/

    Looking forward to your future posts! <3
    Emily xxx

    1. Thank you! It was truly amazing and very beautiful.

      I am glad you enjoy my blog too :)

      I always check out people's blogs that have taken the time to read mine so of course I'll take a look.

      Amber x

  2. I went to Venice last October and absolutely fell in love with it! We actually stayed off the island with a quick train ride in, and got a weekend pass for the water bus. Even going at a slower pace the whole place felt so glamorous to me, and I loved having the chance to really take in the views from the canal, in fact your photos make me want to be back there now, especially with the warmer weather! Stephie xx

    1. Thanks for your comment Stephanie. Travelling through The Grand Canal everyday would have been lovely too, we stayed on the other side of St Mark's Square, quite a walk away from the canal itself. Though it was a very pleasant walk each day :)

      I can imagine I'm going to look back on fond memories of Venice myself. I'm sure I'll go back one day but more cities to explore in the mean time!

      Amber x

    2. Aahh I love Venice!! I from Italy and I live "near" Venice. It's a wonderful city and I've visited it so many times. Beautiful photos !! xx

      aishettina.blogspot.it || #GGCommentSwap

    3. You're so lucky to live near Venice. I'd be there exploring all the time if I lived near by. We managed to see and do a lot whilst we were there but I feel we still missed out on some bits.

      Amber x

  3. Gah this has just made me want to go back even more! It is soo beautiful and this is such a lovely post!

    H XX
    Carpe Everything

    1. Thank you! Venice really is beautiful. I really want to explore Italy more in the future.

      Amber x

  4. I LOVED Venice! It looks like you went at a really sunny time! Beautiful pictures. I need to find myself a man to explore Italy with! It's just not the same alone haha

    Eb x


    1. Yes we were very lucky with the weather! It was hot enough for me to get a sun burnt shoulder! haha.

      Aw, it'd still be fun with girl friends for the mean time! ;)

      Amber x


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