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There’s a new Brunch place on the block. The Steamhouse in Royal Leamington Spa. It’s been open for a couple of weeks and it’s that new its website hasn’t even been launched yet - And I’m telling you, we need to watch this space as they have thought of a niche that will be going places.

The Steamhouse is a specialist bagel and coffee shop that offers a range of fillings. Charlie (the boyfriend) and I were spoilt for choice! Not only do the fillings sound delicious but all of the bagels are named fittingly too. I settled on ‘The Alaskan’ which was filled with smoked salmon and cream cheese and Charlie opted for ‘The Italian’ which was filled with Italian salami, salad and cheese. Each of the bagels come with a side of lightly toasted tortilla chips, a nice light side rather than a pile of fries.

They had a range of Specials on the menu too which offered even more variation with several meats to choose from such as pulled pork and some great veggie options too – haloumi, avocado and much more! All of the bagels were priced reasonably as well, ranging from £3.00 – £6.50 dependant on the fillings. You can also order to take out as the shop is very small I imagine this option will be very popular as it gets more popular. 

The staff were lovely, they were really welcoming and friendly. The shop itself is really cute and quaint situated just off the high-street, the small, charming restaurant offers just a handful of tables which gives the atmosphere a cosy and intimate feel. The back bench of the counter is filled with a tray of bagels as you can see below and are made as you are watching. I ordered a chai tea late which was spot on – they offered plenty of hot and cold drinks, something for everyone.

Something that I really loved was the ‘flap it’ counter which I have never seen before. This is a really modern touch. It was used as a live social media counter that changed whenever somebody liked their Facebook page, Instagram or followed them on Twitter. It got me hooked and I followed them on everything partly because I found the entire experience really enjoyable and that I did want to just change the counter!

I think we have found a new favourite brunch place to visit whenever we fancy a spot of shopping in Leamington. The Royal Leamington Spa has so much choice when it comes to brunch, its great! But this will be a place I know I’ll be returning to in the very near future. If you’re ever in the area I would definitely give it a try. 

Do you know of any new quirky places for me to try if i'm ever in your area? I'd love to know if you do so please leave me a comment below.

Love Amber x 

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