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Pizza, Pasta & Pesce in Venezia (Venice II)

As you may already be aware if you follow me on social media, Charlie and I visited Venice for my birthday in mid April, you can find part I of my Venice posts here which will tell you more about our trip. Now, this post is all about FOOD. Italian food. Need I say more?! 

On our first day, my birthday, we arrived at our hotel, Hotel Sant Elena, fairly late at around half 5 in the evening. After a day of travelling (2 hours to Luton, a 2 hour flight and a 2 hour boat journey), we were exhausted so decided to try out the hotel restaurant which was called 'Valentine's'. It really did live up to its name as it was a lovely romantic restaurant with some amazing food, as you can see pictured above. 

We started with a sharing platter of meats and breads with a splash of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I then had a fillet of sea bass wrapped around a delicious couscous, with boiled potatoes and a balsamic glaze (which is pictured above) It really did taste as good as it looks.

We were also given a complimentary drink on arrival, we chose a glass of Prosecco each which was really lovely so we decided to go all out and order a bottle with dinner to celebrate my birthday in true Italia style. 

Everything was affordable and not overpriced at all, the meal cost us around 50 Euros all in all including a bottle of Prosecco and without a service charge. 

The next evening we decided to take a short walk towards St Marks Square but not quite so that we were not amongst the tourists of Venice. We found a lovely little restaurant called 'Giorgione'. We decided to sit outside as it was a nice quiet evening. We ordered a platter of fish which you can see above to share between us. The fish was cooked perfectly and we devoured the lot. The only thing that I wasn't so keen on was the amount of bones. Though they were easily avoidable. 

One day we visited a placed called - Antica Birraria la Corte for lunch. Above you can see what we decided to order which was 2 pizzas and they were incredible. We used my boyfriends app on his phone called Triposo which was really useful. It doesn't use your internet but will tell you what's to see and where to eat with reviews so we found a couple of restaurants to eat this way. This restaurant being one of them. I would really recommend downloading this app when you go travelling. 

The restaurant we ate the pizzas at was my favourite. It was situated within a large courtyard - something you don't expect to see within the windy streets of Venice. I was sat in the sunshine eating authentic Italian pizza with a glass of coca cola one lunch time and I couldn't be happier. My pizza had porcini mushrooms, roasted pork and mozzarella on it. Charlie had porcini mushrooms, wild boar meat and Parmesan cheese on his. 

On our last evening we walked towards St Marks Square a little closer this time. It really is true, the closer you get the more expensive things get! One day we went for a pizza and a couple of Bira Moretti beers, the beers alone cost 7 euros each! And a plate of fries cost 7 euros too - rip. off. 

The final restaurant we visited was named Trattoria Giorgione. The food here was reallllly enjoyable. It was the first pasta I had eaten since being there as previously I went for some lighter options as pasta can be very filling. 

Now I know this photo (above) looks a bit like black worms but it wasn't I promise. Charlie ordered this dish which was made using Spaghetti, squid ink and squid itself. I tried a bit of it despite the strange look to it and it was delicious. The squid ink gave the pasta a really lovely texture. I actually bought some dried black ink pasta back with me to play around with at home one evening.

I opted for a tomato based seafood and white wine pasta dish. Can you tell I'm a big fan of seafood? This was delicious. I will definitely be trying to make this dish back home in the UK for my friends and family. Everything about this dish was perfect, I was very impressed. 

Despite ordering Ice-cream in the day to enjoy whilst walking around Venice, this was the only dessert I ordered for my entire trip. Most restaurants we visited didn't actually had a dessert menu strangely enough, the waiter simply listed the very little selection off - most offered tiramisu, creme brule and ice creams but not much else which was disappointing.

I had to take a photo of this lemon sorbet though as for one it was lovely and zesty and it came in a lemon! It's something I haven't seen before and I really like  the idea to put the sorbet in the fruit it was out of, really nice idea.

Tips that I would give you if you are dining out in Venice:

1. Do not be tempted by the restaurants close to St Marks Square for convenience - they're not that great as they're rushing you like cattle and food and drink is ridiculously over-priced.

2. Use Triposo to check out the reviews of a restaurant - we avoided anything that told us about food poisoning, rude service or over-priced food and drink this way.

3. Don't be surprised about the hefty service charge. In most restaurants it was 12% - many waiters and waitresses aren't paid very well so it's added to the bill to compensate for this. Of course if you feel the service wasn't to your standard ask to take it off.

4. Be open minded and don't stick to what you know. I deliberately avoided Spaghetti Bolognase and Lasagna as I can get that at many Italian restaurants in the UK but you're not likely to find squid ink pasta at home!

5. Tap water is okay to drink in Venice. So don't spend lots of money on bottled water unnecessarily. Buy it once and re-fill at your hotel to keep costs down as again water bottles were over-priced in tourist areas.

Have you ever been to Venice? If so where were your favourite places to dine out or have a spot of lunch? I hope you enjoyed reading all about the tasty food we ate in Venice and that it may have inspired you to to try something new when you go on holiday.

Love Amber x


  1. This all looks so delicious! I adore Venice and this has just made me want to go back even more!

    H XX | Carpe Everything

  2. Thank you Harriet, it really was delicious! Italian food is my favourite cuisine! :P

    Amber x

  3. Ohh everything looks heavenly, especially those pizzas! *heart eyes* I would love to visit Venice one day and try that unusual looking spaghetti dish haha, I love trying new foods :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. It's squid/cuttle fish ink and it's really good!

      Amber x

  4. Awesome blog! Now In anticipation of a follow-up ….Rialto Bridge


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