Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Why British Getaways Are Great

For those of you that do not have a large budget, British escapes away may be the only chance for you to take a break from your busy and hectic day to day life. I love exploring different cities, the vast amounts of countryside and history-rich Britain and thought I'd make a list (who doesn't love a good list) as to why you should too.

1. The Cost
Because you're not hopping on a plane somewhere exotic, British holidays tend to be more affordable. As the UK is so small, you can reach most places by driving there within a few hours so all that will cost you petrol money! 

2. No baggage limit! And because you're driving, you go girl, you fill that car to the brim with clothes and make-up! My last holiday was a British holiday to Cornwall and we truly did fill our car to the brim. From food to make-up. Because there is no baggage limit you don't have to be careful about packing only essentials.

3. The National Trust
The National Trust is a wonderful organisation that restores and maintains old stately homes and listed buildings so that we wonderful people can visit and explore different parts of history. I love the National Trust. There are so many places to visit to! A membership only costs around £63.00 a year for an individual but there are deals for couples and families. 

4. Harbor Towns
They are so beautiful. I love sitting along the harbor crabbing, eating fish and chips or enjoying a nice Cornish ice cream. I don't live near the coast myself so escaping to somewhere with a harbor or the sea is a nice refreshing change. 

5. The Food
Fresh seafood, fish and chips, cream teas with clotted cream and strawberry jam, pastries, pasties, cakes, fudge, ice cream, pub dinners - just to name a few! Why wouldn't you love eating and dining out in Britain?!

6. Fossil Hunting
This is something my boyfriend Charlie introduced me to when we visited Yorkshire last year and I have to tell you it is so much fun! You just walk up and down the beaches looking for fossils like starfish, ammonites, belamnites and fossilised shells. It''s surprisingly relaxing and satisfying when you find a good'un!

7. Romantic Breaks Away
There are some beautiful hotels set amongst some gorgeous scenery in Britain. For me, I love going on a romantic spa weekend away with a bottle of champagne to a hotel with a large bath tub where I can just sip on the bubbly and spend the majority of my time in a big cosy white dressing gown and fluffy slippers. 

8. City Breaks 
There are so many large cities in the UK to visit. I live bang in the middle near Birmingham which is fantastic for nights out, shopping at The Bull Ring and dining out but I also love visiting other cities and what they have to offer too. Manchester, Liverpool and Cardiff are some of my favourites. 

9. The Beaches
The UK also offers some beautiful beaches. For me, the south coast beaches are stunning and the sea is a bit warmer as along the North Coast, it's the North Sea which is freeeeezing. 

10. Hiking
Coastal paths, the moors,  mountains, there are several walks to go on through the vast countryside in Britain. All of which offer beautiful scenery and walking is really good for you. 

What makes a great British Holiday for you? I'd love to know in the comments below. 

Love Amber x



  1. You're a girl after my own heart! UK holidays are some of my favourite, I actually have a goal of visiting all the counties in the UK so I can see all the lovely cities, villages and habours that fall under the radar. This is all so true :-)

    Teri-May xx

  2. That is one heck of a goal! And I'd love to do that too but there are SO many! Haha. I'd at least like to visit all of the larger cities for sure. Still got a lot to cross of my list.

    Love Amber xx


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