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This spectacularly authentic restaurant felt as though I was stepping off the streets of Warwick and into a restaurant set amongst the bustling streets of Italy. Situated on Warwick High Street, the restaurant is in the perfect location post sight-see visits to Warwick Castle or the Warwick Racecourse which are both just a short walk away. If you're looking for an Italian restaurant that serves the classic pizza and lasagna then this restaurant may not be to your liking as there's no sign of pizzas anywhere on this menu! A classy Italian food and drink haven, Micatto's is definitely worth a visit for any Italian food lover.

The staff make a point of speaking in their first language, Italian (of course). I felt it was a really nice touch to be greeted in Italian and quite fun to try and pronounce the wine and food menu in the correct way (only to be corrected!). Everything about this restaurant is decidedly Italian from the wine to the staff.

I have visited the restaurant a few times now and the food never disappoints. This time I opted for 'Mezzaluna' aka half moon shaped black pasta filled with lobster & prawns with lemon, chive & a hint of chilli served in a light butter sauce with cherry tomatoes, chive & parsley (£14.95) Every bite was a taste explosion. A little on the small side portion wise, I would suggest filling up on breads and olives to start or ordering a side. I paired the meal with a white wine - Vermentino di Sardegna 2014 -Sardegna, it was dry, refreshing and slightly aromatic, truly delicious and very easy drinking. Most of the wines from the wine menu are carefully selected from various regions of Italy and Siciliy along with the beer selection. Again, adding to the restaurants beautiful authenticity. 

Above pictured fish stew that I didn't try myself, however my dad who is also a seafood and shellfish lover really enjoyed it. It's not something he would normally go for and had the rest of at the table very envious as it looked super tasty. If you're a fish fan like we are, I am sure you may like to try this dish too.

The open kitchen situated at the back of the restaurant displays a passionate head chef and kitchen staff hard at work with thorough attention to detail on each and every meal that leaves their kitchen. As a HUGE foodie, it is fascinating and almost majestic watching the all-Italian kitchen staff hard at work prepping my meal.

Would I visit again? Of course I would. Everything about this restaurant has me wanting more. It's safe to say it's actually one of my favourites. The wine selection is fantastic, the food beautifully authentic and the staff kind and attentive. Though ordering every course along with wine can rack up the bill quite a bit and you can easily spend over £100 for a meal for two. Every time somebody asks me for a restaurant recommendation in the area I always point them in Micatto's direction. I hope to be returning very soon.

Thank you for reading. Have you got a favourite Italian restaurant? I am always wanting to try out new places; if so, leave me your recommendations below.

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