Thursday, 23 November 2017

Why I am Doing Blogmas

This year I have decided to participate in Blogmas for the first time ever. The main reason behind it is that I am throwing myself in to my creative work as it is my passion and what I love in life and my blog forms a part of that. I figured, it's now or never when it comes to putting yourself out there and seeking a career in what you love. Don't get me  wrong, I don't think it'll take off overnight and is going to take a lot of hard work a persistence which I why I am being sensible and am on the hunt for a part time job that I will enjoy whilst working on the creative side.

I also blumin' love Christmas. I am so excited for it this year as it's my first year with Stu and we are getting a Dachshund puppy called Pepper next week which makes things all the more exciting. You can read more about her here. We have bought and wrapped most of our Christmas presents already (I know, prepared right?!) and have been super organised this year. Not sure if we will be putting up a Christmas tree this year though as I think Pepper might destroy it or pee up it as dogs do. Means photography might be a little difficult as I won't have a tree... I'm gona have to get creative.

 I am even contemplating YouTube and vlogging for the 476th time but might play around with insta stories first to test the waters! I think what I find scary about it is that my blog isn't a secret from people in my life and when I go to job interviews they always say 'I had a quick look at your blog'. I am sort of afraid how I will come across, whether my life is interesting enough and whether I am interesting enough. I think that this may resonate with some of you so if you have similar thoughts please do let me know.

The other part to my creative work is an illustration business I am currently developing which you can follow on Facebook here. This will offer prints and greeting cards on an Etsy store to begin with. I am in talks with a local printer that I am seeking to help print my illustrations professionally before investing in a printer myself. I am also touching up my final designs to be sent to print, ready for the Christmas period! So please keep me in mind if you are looking to support a developing small business.

I have so many ideas for Blogmas and have already started preparing the content so that it's of decent quality for my readers. I can't wait to get back into blogging on a regular basis and am excited to share this journey with you all. I also want to invest a lot more of my time in supporting other bloggers, commenting on their posts and sharing the blog love as it's so important to support one another. So if you've read this far please leave me a link to your blog and your favourite bloggers out there so I can share the love.

Love Amber x


  1. I am so happy that so many bloggers are taking part of Blogmas this year. I love the creativity that comes with Blogmas and it is something that I have really enjoyed planning and preparing for this year. I have also been commenting on so many Blogmas posts today, trying to share all the love! I look forward to seeing your content.
    Lois x

    1. Totally agree Lois! I'm just catching up with everyone's now! There is so much great content out there and it makes me feel so Christmassy! :)

      Love Amber x


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