Friday, 8 December 2017

Hyggelig Hot Drinks

Nothing quite says 'Hyggelig Christmas' like a hot festive drink. I have put together some of my favourite and easy to make recipes for you to be able to drink too this Christmas. I am always appointed hot drink maker on Christmas day as my Bailey's hot chocolate is to die for. Enjoy!

| Chai Tea Latte |

I absolutely love to use Drink me Chai in my Chai Tea Latte's. It's a powder rather than a tea bag and tastes absolutely amazing both iced and hot. You can even add it to things like porridge or use it as an ingredients for cakes. I reach for this a lot over the festive period and this is how I use it:

Hot Chai Latte
3 teaspoons of powder
200ml hot milk

Iced Chai Latte
4 teaspoons of powder
250ml milk
Whiz with milk frother and serve over ice.

| Orange Hot Chocolate |

Who doesn't love Options hot chocolate? The orange is my favourite over Christmas. Top it with squirty cream and grated orange hot chocolate for the perfect festive drink.

3 teaspoons of powder
200ml hot water
Splash of milk

| Gingerbread Latte |

Gingerbread is one of my favourite things about Christmas and I just love that there is a syrup that you can put in a coffee just like Costa or Starbucks. You could even make your own syrup! The best way to make a latte is with a coffee machine and with the following ingredients:

Double shot of espresso
200ml hot, steamed milk
Splash of gingerbread Monin syrup

| Baileys Hot Chocolate |

I recently shared this recipe on my insta stories as I make this A LOT and make this on Christmas evening when the Christmas dinner has settled and we are chilling from our round of board games.

50ml Baileys
3 teaspoons of your favourite plain hot chocolate powder (I use Cadbury's)
200ml hot milk
Squirty Cream for topping

Have you got any favourite hot drinks you like to drink over the Christmas period? I would love to know so please leave me a comment below. 

Love Amber x



  1. The gingerbread and orange drinks sound so delicious! Can just imagine how warm and cosy they are xx

  2. I think I will definitely be trying the baileys one! Two of my favourite things (chocolate and alcohol), how could I not?! I adore hot chocolate, especially over Christmas!
    Loved this post x

  3. These all sound so good, I’ll definitely be trying all of these over Christmas!

  4. As you know, I'm a fan of a Chai latte but I've never tried 'Drink Me Chai'! I'm going to have to get some... Also that Baileys hot chocolate sounds DIVINE.
    Eva xx

  5. I have never tried orange hot chocolate but this has me thinking that I need to change that!
    Britt |

  6. Baileys hot choc oh my goodness this sounds like a dream in a mug I must try it!

  7. Baileys hot chocolate sounds amazing, I need to try it!!!

  8. Orange hot chocolate sounds incredible.

    Faye Jessica |


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