Friday, 27 April 2018

Things I'm loving RN.

I was recommended the Decleor Aroma Solutions Prolagene Gel by my BF's sister-in-law. She had struggled with adult acne until switching up her skincare and swears by this gel so I thought I would give it a go! At first, I was breaking out left right and centre (I put that down to my pores being clogged up with crap) but after a couple of weeks of using it I truly noticed the difference! My skin is so clear and is instantly firmer when I apply the gel to my face and blemished parts of my body (shoulders and back). 

I work at a spa that sells Decleor products, a few of the girls at work say they use it for not only blemished skin but if they or their children get cuts as it helps to heal the skin straight away! I think it's so important to look after your skin from a young age as it'll reduce the signs of ageing later on in life which is why I don't mind paying out for it. It's on the pricey side as a luxury skincare product at £40.00 but a little goes a long way. 

I'm about half way through reading Dolly Alderton's new book 'everything I know about love' and am absolutely loving it! It's so relatable, in fact a bit too relatable as it's making me remember all the bad dates and poor decisions I made when I was at my peak sexually horn-dog stage. Lol. 

So far, Dolly has taken me on an honest depiction of her love life, from good old fashioned MSN messenger to crazy drunken adventures with her friends. At times it's side splittingly funny and I just can't put it down. 

Health & Fitness
I'm doing it, I'm finally doing it. I'm getting fit. I've been sat on my bum feeling miserable about my weight for too long so it's time to do something about it. Last week I was the heaviest I have ever been (coz I've lost a few lbs since) and I was terrified of stepping on the scales. I have promised myself to exercise intensely 3 times a week at least, eat healthily and drink lots of water. 

The water part has become exceedingly easier since Stu bought me a Chilly's flask. I am in love. My water stays cold and fresh for hours! & it's rose gold & it's got my name engraved on it ;) so flashy! 

If you don't already know, I've started up a food blog separate to called My Foodie Friend (Insta: @myfoodiefriendamber) because I felt like I was writing about too many topics that didn't compliment one another on my blog. It's SO much easier and appeases organised me greatly.  

My latest meal favourite is pictured above: whole wheat noodles, king prawns, mushrooms, brocoli in teriyaki sauce (just a tiny bit as it's quite sugary) with a fried egg and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. Nom. 


I'm also trying to build on a new routine with fitness, food and blogging which means I will be challenging myself to stick to a blogging schedule - I'll be uploading Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Yes, three times a week. No, I don't know what time but I have had a bucket load of motivation recently and I'm ready to roll with it (read my post on getting more real).

What have you been loving lately?  

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Friendshipping as an Adult is Hard

Five year old Ambi Bambi, with her long blonde hair and block fringe that won a little princess competition on a camping holiday to Great Yarmouth one year, wouldn't have had a problem making friends. I was a care free child that made pals wherever I went. I had no shame. I would impose myself on other children with a simple 'Hi, my name is Amber, do you want to be my friend?' If only it were that simple as an adult...

I have recently moved to Melton Mowbray, an hour away from home and though it's not exactly far, I barely see my family let alone any friends from my home town. Some long distance friends I can go months without seeing and pick up exactly where we left off with little to no communication in between - low maintenance friendships are very hard to come by and I am lucky to have a few. I'll admit, I am a shit communicator and forget to drop a text now and then with a simple 'how ya doing?' but when a friend is in need I am always there.

Last year I lost touch with my main group of girl friends. Throughout the few years I knew them, I felt like I didn't quite belong because they had all been friends for years and I was the latest addition to the bunch. Although I have some fantastic memories of the times we all shared together, when times got tough I don't think we understood one another.

I was going through a rough time in terms of my mental health; I had just walked away from the first person I truly fell in love with because deep down I knew he didn't feel the same way. And so I went in search for everything he couldn't give me in somebody else (wrong thing to do looking back, but needed at the time). This relationship was so rushed and heavy that it turned toxic and ended with a bang, snapping me into action and making me realise what I had done. During that time I had caused damage to my friendships because I shut them out - deep down I was ashamed of the spiral I had got myself in to and how fast things were moving with a new man and I knew they would judge me for it. But they were still there when it all ended and listened as I tried to piece myself back together.

What broke us was when I got into another relationship, the most stable and loving relationship I have ever been in, my current boyfriend, not that they knew this at the time as it was early days. I was trying to learn from my mistakes and take it slower and keep it under wraps until things got more serious. They knew I was seeing someone and it was more serious than I was letting on and didn't agree with me moving on so soon after all the hurt I'd been through. I won't lie, I have issues with being alone and always have. Maybe they didn't understand that. I ended up being pushed out of the group with some very strong opinions - that they 'wouldn't be there to pick up the pieces when this one ends' and I thought to myself that it wasn't even worth arguing over, I would never speak to a friend that way and would have their back even if I didn't agree with their behaviour. I felt hurt, let down and low at the time.

I do miss having a group of girl friends close by to go on dinner dates, have movie marathons and share make-up and gym tips but I don't miss the drunken nights out that always ended in drama and ensuring that I pay enough attention in the group chat to not be considered ignorant.


When I found out my best friend from uni lived in the same town as Stu, my boyfriend, I could not believe my luck! I see her on the regular for games nights, BBQ's and girly date nights. But she's a busy little bee studying for a doctorate so is not always available. Besides, it's good to be sociable and have an extended group of friends and this is something I am trying to rectify. I'd like more friends in my local area that are just a short drive away and would happily welcome me for a quick brew and a chit chat after work. But how to find them?!

I have reached out to some blogging gals in my local area and have met up with one a few times now. She's absolutely lovely and has made me feel a little more content that you can make friends when you reach your mid twenties.

There's also Bumble BFF - an app that was introduced to me by the blogging community as I attended an event recently. If more girls knew about this then it'd be a huge success! I haven't taken the plunge and gone on a 'first friend date' yet but I have been talking to some really nice girls on there and do plan on meeting them in the not so distant future - just making sure I'm not being catfished first - Ha! I will be writing a whole post on this as I would love to raise awareness on this App, it's a fab idea as it makes it easier for women to find others with things in common.

I've also vowed to get back in to a fitness regime as I'm not getting any healthier, or younger for that matter! So I plan on signing up to some classes, going swimming and maybe even joining Slimming World to get myself out there in the local community. When I have a bit more spare cash I'm considering a photography course or a local art group. Just some ideas that may be of interest to you too.

This post has been a long time coming, it's honest and it's raw and it was quite difficult to write the first half of it. I wish making friends at twenty five was as easy as at five years old, though, I have been exploring my options and I am looking forward to making more friends in my adult life.

Can you relate to any of this? How did you become friends with your current gal pals? I would love to know so please leave me a comment below.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Which Direction Do I Take Next?

I write this post from my soft office (aka, my bed), in my Toy Story pyjamas with an episode of friends on in the background and if I'm honest, I'm feeling pretty flat and I don't know which direction to take next. There are quite a few factors that are contributing to this and I know that only I can make things better. I feel a bit stuck, de-motivated and without a plan for the future. If you're feeling similar then I'm here to tell you, you are not alone.

If you've been following me for a while now, you will know that has existed for a few years. A blogging schedule has never existed and I found blogging when the mood struck worked for me. Until now. I would love to make a career out of my creative work and not just consider it as a hobby. This year I have gone part time so that I have more time to concentrate on my creative work and try and find something that really works for me and makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning. I have always been a creative person and would love to work part time and have my creative work keep me ticking over, maybe even one day, blog or come up with an amazing idea that'll mean I can work for myself full time. That's the dream that many of us want, but in my head I don't want it to be a dream, it's a goal and I am willing to work hard to make it happen.

Uni wasn't for me, or maybe that's because the pressure was on to study an 'academic subject' rather than a creative one. This might be why it didn't work out and I really wish I played to my strengths more and realised what I was good at when I was younger. Instead I was very confused and let people pull me this way and that without grounding myself and thinking about what I really wanted. Shoulda, woulda, coulda, am I right?

I have recently started to explore my options. I've tapped into YouTube, a second food related blog and illustrations, I started writing a book months back and am considering a cook book for the future. But should I be sticking to just one idea?! Should I pursue one project, smash that and move on to the next or do I juggle them all? The trouble is, it's hard to know which basket to put all your eggs in and know what is going to be successful isn't it? This is what's making me feel flat and de-motivated. I just don't know where to go next. The key to me is to keep going, find a routine that works for me and stick to a schedule. So over the coming months, I will be finding that, implementing it and sticking to it.

Improving my home life will also help. I want to get a handle on my life rather than let it just consume me with things like running the house by keeping on top of the cleaning, washing and cooking. I want to exercise more and stop being so lazy and making excuses and I just want to be the best that I can be. Being an adult and having responsibilities is hard, we all struggle and let things pile up but now it's time to tackle that pile. Not everything we see on social media is at it seems, we are all guilty of showing 'the best bits' but I want to get more real.

I know this has been a bit of an unusual post compared to what I usually write about but I think it's important to tell you all where I'm at and what I have planned for the future. I am at a crossroads and I don't know which route to take but I know I'll get there in the end. I'm hoping that writing this post, being honest with not only you as readers of my blog but also with myself, will help ground me and encourage me sort my shit out. I already feel a million times better for writing this and I hope you will offer your insight/thoughts/feelings too if you're feeling the same or have felt similar in the past.

Thanks for sticking with me and reading my ramblings. Would love to know your thoughts and if you ever need someone to chat to, my inbox is always open on social media. We got this.

Love Amber x 

Monday, 2 April 2018

Wishes, Goals & Ambitions for Twenty Five.

In less than two weeks I will be reaching my 25th birthday and officially entering the 'mid-twenties' zone. As scary as that thought may be to me (with a possibility of having a quarter life crisis), I am looking forward to what my mid-twenties will bring. I am also looking forward to my birthday itself as I will be spending it with the people I love and waking up to breakfast in London. SO, I thought I would do a round up of the things I would love for my 25th year including gifts, goals and ambitions. I really hope you enjoy!
| Gifts |

A New Scent
I would love to add a hint of luxury and sophistication to my life with the Clive Christian, perfume gift set for her*. I am a big fan of The Royals and love that the packaging reflects Queen Victoria's Crown as well as the scents themselves smelling absolutely amazing.

I'd love to get my hands on the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow palette as I am in search of the perfect contour and highlight combination. I discovered Charlotte Tilbury last year and have been lusting over the brand ever since.

I would also like to get my hands on the new Urban Decay Petite Heat Palette as it is a great size and includes some lovely shades to take on our summer holiday in June. I have always loved the Urban Decay eye shadow palettes as they last such a long time.

I have been wearing a lot of shirts/blouses recently as they are great for work and are really flattering on so I would really like the above JDY star print shirt. They are great with either a pair of jeans for a casual day look or a high-waisted skirt for work/night.

I don't have many flat shoes and find myself always wearing the same ones so I would like these NewLook Wide Fit Cream Crochet Espadrilles. They'd be perfect for sunshine-y days and they are so pretty.

I am candle OBSESSED as my boyfriend would tell you, so I would really love to add some more luxurious scents to my collection. The latest one I have my eye on is the Jo Malone Lavender and Lovage scented candle.
| Goals & Ambitions | 

I have a few goals for this year which I would love to be able to conquer in terms of both my personal life and my life online. I have taken some huge steps over the last year which have encouraged me to go after what I really want so I hope to continue this! 

1. Stick to a blog and YouTube schedule and outline what this will be. I am thinking Wednesdays and Sundays for YouTube and maybe twice a week on the blog - Mondays and Fridays. (Still in the process of outlining this!) 

2. Attend more blogging events! I have finally stepped out of my comfort zone recently and gone to an event so I am hoping to go to lots more, network with brands/PR's and make friends with other bloggers. 

3. I would love to move house within the next year which means save, save, save!

4. I really want to explore the UK a lot more so I hope to take Pepper (our long-haired dachshund pup) away for some UK mini breaks on a budget. I would love to explore Scotland, The Lake District and so many more places I know Pep would love! 

Do you set yourself birthday goals like me? What would be on your wish list? 

Love Amber xx

*This post includes a paid product placement.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

REVIEW | Still Me | Jojo Moyes

Still Me is the third book written by Jojo Moyes following Me Before You and After You. I am a HUGE fan of the first book in the series, Me Before You, and would highly recommend you giving the first two books a read before diving in to the latest as she makes a lot of references characters that have appeared in the previous two books. Louisa Clark, the narrator and main character is loyal, down to earth and absolutely hilarious; Moyes captures her personality brilliantly along with a lot of new characters that are introduced.

Still Me is all about Louisa Clark saying 'yes' to new things, so she takes on working for the super rich family, The Gopnik's, hundreds of miles across the pond in New York, leaving ambulance Sam behind, confident that she can make her relationship work long distance. Lou is determined to make the most out of her experience and throws herself in to her job and New York life. A woman with her feet in two places in the world, Louisa finds herself asking, 'Who is Louisa Clark?' as she is faced with challenges at work, strains on her relationships and emotional heartache.

I loved how the book asked questions about identity and belonging. As someone who has struggled to know their place in the world, I could really relate to her trials and tribulations that she experienced. The book left me feeling inspired to go after the things I want and love in life. At the end of the day, we are only here once and I for one am inspired to take on Lou's attitude of saying 'yes' to more things and not being afraid of failing because failing is just a learning curve and things will get better.

I found that though not as gripping and ripe with emotion as the first book, Still Me, offered both Louisa Clark and us as readers some closure. If you have read the first two books then I am sure you will agree. I really relate to Louisa as a character and enjoyed her journey exploring not only New York but also herself.

If you haven't read Still Me yet then I would definitely recommend picking up a copy as it is a good read. If you have read it, what did you think to Still Me? Did you enjoy it as much as the first two books? I'd love to know your thoughts so please leave a comment below.

Love Amber x

Friday, 9 March 2018

Prestige Flowers Review*

Hello Flower ;) I hope you are well and are finally enjoying the change in season.I am so ready for sunshine, daffodils and spring showers. What was with that snow that hit the UK at the beginning of March?! The snow is gorgeous when all you are doing is watching it fall from your window at Christmas time, but when you've got to get yourself to work and back, it really is no fun. (Us British love a good chat about the weather don't we?) But now Spring is here, and hopefully it's here to stay! 

Don't you just love receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers? I am lucky enough that my boyfriend is spontaneous and will have flowers delivered to work here and there and he never disappoints on special occasions. I am a big lover of bringing the outdoors indoors with my potted plants or seasonal flowers, so when Prestige Flowers invited me to review one of their beautiful bouquets, of course I said yes. 

Presentation is everything when you send a gift such as flowers so I was impressed when the flowers were delivered to me in a sturdy, pretty box, it even had my post lady peering in through the gap! Inside the box were the flowers wrapped in luxurious papers and placed carefully in to a custom Prestige Luxury Collection bag. The flowers were delightfully fresh and smelt incredible.  

With Mother's Day around the corner (11th March 2018) these flowers would make the perfect gift to dazzle your mum and spoil her for all the wonderful things she does. The Lomond bouquet is priced from £34.99 with optional added extras for that extra special touch. I was also gifted a soft, cuddly Prestige Flowers teddy bear, tasty British crafted chocolates and a perfect sized vase to showcase my flowers. It really did blow me away as the entire gift was so beautiful.

Something else I found very thoughtful was that there was a Flower Care Guide included inside, this tells you how to initially cut your flowers and place them into water with the complimentary flower food and then how to look after your flowers to get the most life out of them.

I don't tend to order flowers online, as I like to take a trip to a florist, but the overall experience I have had with Prestige Flowers has encouraged me to do it more, whether that be a treat to myself or to a loved one. The online experience means you can add that extra bit of luxury and wow factor. I can't wait to show off my flowers to my family and friends. 

What's your favourite flower and how do you buy flowers for yourself or for others? I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment below. 

Love Amber x

*Prestige Flowers sent me this item to review. The review is 100% honest and written in my own words.


Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Sleep Matters with Feather & Down*

I have spoken about sleep several times on my blog, from help and advice to night time self care as I really struggle with sleep; not just the dropping off part, but staying asleep too. So when Feather & Down invited me to try some of their products to help me drift away to the land of nod, of course I said yes. I love the name of the brand Feather & Down too, doesn't it just remind you of fluffy pillows and cosy duvets? 

I received a lovely package containing their Melting Shower Cream, All Purpose Sleep Balm and Pillow Spray, also referred to as '£7 sleep in a bottle'. All of these products are designed to help the mind and body unwind, encourage a state of relaxation and wellbeing for a restful nights sleep. The concept of the brand is fantastic - they seem to understand that 'sleep matters' and everyone deserves a good night sleep so have kept their products luxurious but not too expensive. Feather and Down offer a wide range of products from bath and body to home fragrance and I love that their products can become part of your bed time routine. 

I am an avid user of pillow sprays and this is by far my favourite one so far. A few spritz goes a long way. Lavender and chamomile combinations are one of my favourite scents so I really do love the smell of this product. I think my brain now associates the smell with bed time which is great because it has really started to help me not only fall asleep, but also to stay asleep.

The product I was most intrigued by was the Sweet Dreams All Purpose Sleep Balm as I had never tried anything like this before. You just apply it to your pulse points which makes it last longer due to the beat of your heart and let the lavender and chamomile aroma do it's work. I loved this little pot of relaxation and would highly recommend it. I struggle to sleep in new places such as hotels so it is the perfect size to take in my travel bag and help me get some shut eye.

I also really enjoyed the shower cream. Though I tend to shower in the mornings and bath in the evenings, I have found that the scent of the cream relaxes me when I use it in the morning. If you like to shower at night then this will easily become part of your night time routine.

I definitely want to get my hands on the home fragrance items (in particular the candle!) as I love, love, love the smell of the range and find it very calming and relaxing. I've found my new favourite pillow spray and am looking forward to trying more of Feather & Down.

What do you do to help get yourself to sleep? Do you have a night time routine? 

Love Amber

*Feather & Down sent me these items to review. The review is 100% honest and written in my own words.


Monday, 5 March 2018

Carlsberg Brewery | Copenhagen

The Carlsberg Brewery surprised me. This was by far my favourite day from our entire trip to Copenhagen last year and I really didn't want to go in the first place... Carlsberg, to me, has always had negative connotations as it's a cheap lager over here in the UK, and for most people, it's not their first choice. I'm not a massive lager drinker, but let me tell you now, it's tastes so much better in Copenhagen and there are so many different types to choose from!

So what do you actually do at the brewery you ask? First of all, you go on a tour of the place; you get to see their vast collection of beer bottles, how the lager is made and the history of Carlsberg. It's actually very interesting as it's absolutely HUGE and there is a lot of information to sink in. 

You can also take a tour surrounding the Carlsberg brewery via horse and carriage! It's a nice little touch but you got to be quick as it fulls up pretty quick. They had the most magnificent shire horses as you can see pictured below.

Upon entry, you get two drinks included, we also opted to go to a beer tasting session which turned out to be a great laugh. We were the only English in the room! We were paired up with another young couple from Sweden who were absolutely lovely and recommended we visit Stockholm which we plan on doing at some point.

We were given three beers to try - Weissbier, Porter and India Pale Ale, my favourite was the Weissbeer as it was sort of sweet tasting. I didn't really like the Porter as it had a strong aftertaste, similar to Guinnes.

Though it doesn't seem like much alcohol, it went straight to our heads (my head in particular) as it's pretty strong percentage wise, which led to a very eventful and fun walk back to the Metro station. I was drunk in the middle of the day, wondering through the streets of Copenhagen - can't get much better than that!

I wasn't really interested in breweries before I visited the Carlsberg Brewery so it's taught me to keep an open mind and go with the flow when exploring abroad. It's not something I would have done if it wasn't for my boyfriend Stu, so I'm glad he encouraged us to go.

Have you ever visited a brewery? I'd love to visit the Heineken one in Amsterdam! 

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Nine Positives in February

Hey! I hope you're having a wonderful day so far. I posted all about my January favourites last month and you all seemed to love that style of post so I thought I would do it again and make it a monthly thing! I love writing personal posts and I hope you enjoy reading them and getting to know me a bit better too. Feb was a bit of a quieter month for me but OMG how quickly did it fly by?! January seemed to take it's sweet ol' time but February made me wish 2018 would slow down a little. So here's what happened in Feb: 

1.Val passed her MOT
If you hadn't already guessed, Val, short for Valerie, is my car. I have driven A LOT over the past year as I commuted to and from my old job after I moved in with my boyfriend. It only lasted a few months but I was SO worried that she wouldn't pass after failing on her break discs and pads last year. But she passed! Hurrah! 

2. Listed my new Copenhagen print on Etsy!
At the end of February I ordered a load of my prints of my Copenhagen painting to try and start stocking my Etsy shop a little better as I hadn't listed anything since before Christmas. I am hoping that once I build up a bit of a stock list, my little shop will become a bit more popular as I would love my budding illustration business to take off. 

3. Imagine Dragons at the Genting Arena
I LOVE Imagine Dragons and LOVE them even more after seeing them live. They were absolutely fabulous! We went to TGI's for dinner before, had dinner and a few cocktails, shopped a little in Resorts World - it was the perfect Date Night and I was buzzzzing afterwards. 

4. Spruced up the house
If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I have recently done a bit of a spring clean in the house and bought a few bits to spruce it up a bit. I moved in to my boyfriends bachelor pad so I had to add a few girly touches to our home until we buy something a little bigger together in the future! I bought a few new lamps for the living room and bedroom, spare-room bedding, a pink chunky knit throw for the bed and a few other bits and bobs. 

5. Shrove Tuesday
I love pancake day. I love pancakes! Who doesn't? My favourite toppings are usually nutella, strawberries and squirty cream but this year we went for maple syrup, bacon and blueberries on top of American style pancakes - so scrummy! 

6. Valentines Day
Stu and I didn't have much time together on Valentines Day this year as we both had work and then went straight to puppy lessons so we decided to do the whole gift thing the day before (let's be honest, it's just another excuse to spoil one another isn't it?) I bought Stu a new leather wallet and made him a cute card but Stu pushed the boat out and spoiled me rotten! He bought me some pearl earrings from Pandora, two boxes of my favourite chocolates, fake peonies (screamed at the inner blogger in me that 'he gets me') and cute card with a Dachshund on it saying 'I woof you' - how adorable?

7. Signed up to Blogsphere Magasine
I FINALLY did it! I signed up to Blogsphere Magasine and became part of the gang. The first issue I received was great and I found it very inspirational and I found a load of new bloggers to support. I'm really looking forward to receiving the next issue this month. 

8. Wheatcroft Garden Centre
I feel so old when I say this but who doesn't love a good garden centre? I remember when I was a kid and I used to hate most of them (unless they had an art supplies section) and thought it was the worst day out. But now, it's the BEST day out. So many pretty indoor plants, herb garden inspiration and and a cute cafe on top! What's not to love? 

9. Hit my social media goals
Once again, I am over the moon that I hit my social media goals. I'll break it down so you can see how I challenge myself and track my progress:

Start of the month:         Goal:         End of the month:
Twitter: 2,419                   2,600                   2,715
Instagram: 1,595               1,750                   1,925
Bloglovin': 332                    350                      376
Pinterest: 12                           20                        77


Thursday, 1 March 2018

March Goals & Ambitions

Can you believe that February is already over?! January went by so slowly and then February was over in a flash! This has concerned me a little as I felt like I didn't get much done in February and I really need to do more in the coming months in terms of personal life, illustration and blog work. SO, each month I am going to make a small list of some goals and ambitions to reflect on at the end of the month; this way I am holding myself  accountable (and you should too) to reach these goals as it's written right here on my blog, my tiny peice of the internet.

1. Get my butt to the gym/pool.
Not going to lie... this was an aim for February that I just didn't make the time for (I know, I know, it's naughty) I am the heaviest I have ever been and have started shying away from being on camera because I'm noticing the weight in my face and I really don't like it. The only way that's going to change is by me getting more active and improving my diet.

2. Have a meal plan for every week & eat healthily.
I wrote a post on how I have started planning my meals recently, and I fully intend to stick to it throughout March. Not only will this save us money, but it will also encourage healthy eating as home cooked meals are of course better for you than fast food. I have also given up fast food for Lent to try and get me out of that lazy habit of not cooking dinner. I can cook, and I can cook well if I do say so myself so there really is no excuse.

3. Post on my blog at least twice a week.
I posted on my blog 6 times in February which is a big improvement but not big enough in my book. I want to work on my SEO and DA, and to do that I need to post regularly so you lovely people have plenty of reading to do on my blog. I'm planning on sharing more travel, food, beauty and well-being related posts and have a few already written up so I've made a good start!

4. Produce more stock for my Etsy.
I recently listed my Nyhavn in Copenhagen print on my Etsy store which I got really excited about. I haven't got much other stock and need to make sure I am consistent with this. I also want to take on more opportunities to work with other people such as small businesses and wedding stationary. I might even mock up some designs so that it showcases the skills I have as right now I don't have much to show off.

5. Visit somewhere new. 
For this I am thinking a local National Trust, a country park or a new restaurant. I need to step out of my comfort zone and explore my relatively new surroundings as I only moved to Leicestershire a couple of months ago. Leicestershire is such a beautiful place so I really must make the time to see more of it, rather than the same old stuff every weekend.

6. Seek brand collaborations.
This is something I started to do towards the end of February and have a couple of collaborations lined up for you to read about in March. I want to build my credibility and put my all into my creative work to start earning some money from my blog. I'm getting there slowly but surely and know that to begin with I will have to work for free in order to build on these opportunities in the long run and I don't mind that.

What are your goals and ambitions for March? Do you set yourself goals at the start of each month to tick off and reflect on?

Love Amber x


Sunday, 18 February 2018

Five Effective Blogging Goals

I don't know if you've noticed (I really hope you have) that I've upped my blogging game recently. I'm posting consistently, getting creative with my photography and I am a lot more active on social media. Why? I've gone semi part-time to follow my hopes and dreams involving my creative work and at the moment I have focused myself on my blog and social media with the occasional illustration being drawn up when the mood strikes, ready for when I focus on my Etsy store. What I mean by semi part-time is that it's between the hours someone PT and someone FT would work with enough money coming in to get me by whilst I have the time to go after what I really want in life. It was a huge decision I took and I couldn't have done it without my boyfriend being there every step of the way. He da best.

I have had to be VERY self motivating and am trying hard to put myself out there by e-mailing PR agencies, connecting with other bloggers and just generally being active on social media every day. I took quite a hit financially by going part-time which can at times be pretty daunting with direct debits and a couple of debts to pay but I am having to live life frugally for the time being in the hope that all my hard work will pay off. Sometimes I have to break things down and give myself goals to hit by a certain time or to develop a certain skill, otherwise everything gets pretty overwhelming. SO I thought I'd break it down and put it in a blog post for you all to see what I am working to achieve and maybe even inspire some of you!

No.1. Play with photography

We have fairly recently bought a new Canon DSLR camera and have not one but THREE lenses for it and a tripod. I really want to learn how to use this properly and create some amazing photos for the Ambambe business venture I am on. As you will know, photography is a big part of blogging and an illustration business because we are very visual creatures that like pretty things to look at with clean cut backgrounds. I am relatively happy with the current content I create but I'd like to do more and build on my photography skills. I think this one is a matter of playing around with the camera settings, checking out some blog posts/youtube vids and a bit of trial and error!

No.2. Be consistent

I have fallen off the blogging train a couple of times in the past. There are ugly gaps in my archive where I just lacked motivation and let life get in the way of me posting regularly. I am going to be a lot more strict on myself and I might even employ a posting schedule so I have a mini deadline to meet 2-3 times per week. I already have a few monthly themed posts lined up for each and every month like my Nine Positives in January post, so this is a good starting point.

No.3. Set social media goals every month

I started doing this in January and I cannot believe the results! I hate to not reach a goal I've set so this is VERY motivational. For instance, I had 1,345 Instagram followers at the beginning of January, so I set myself a target to reach 1,450 by Feb - I hit 1,595! This months target is 1,750 and I'm currently on 1,738 - hopefully I will smash this one too. There is no better feeling than achieving a goal. The trick is to make sure it pushes you but make the goal achievable. I invest a lot of time in this at the start of the month so I can take my foot of the pedal by the end, ready to go at it again the following month and it's working wonders for me.

No.4. Schedule tweets

Ah, the lovely, laborious task - scheduling tweets. I find this just as boring as the next blogger to try and think of grabbing content for my twitter but it has to be done because it gets your posts out there and increases those all important page views. My Twitter following is my largest at over 2.5k so it's imperative I keep my followers up to date when there's a new post on the blog or drive traffic to an old one. Again, I need to ensure I do this consistently.

No 5. Create Pinterest images for all new content

Apparently group boards on Pinterest are the way to go for driving traffic to your blog! I've always loved Pinterest and have started to create a few pin 'graphics' with Canva for my upcoming blog posts but it's just another task to add to blog admin isn't it? I've recently set up a new blog post board for the blogging girls I am connected with on other social media platforms so if you'd like to join, drop me a line as it's open to anyone, in fact the more the merrier! Once I get a bit more experience on this I will be sure to write up a post as I didn't have a clue until someone mentioned it to me on Twitter.

So there you have it, my current five effective blogging goals to keep referring back to which I am sure will help many of you in my boat too. I hope you've found this post helpful. Do you have any blogging goals at the moment? I would love to hear more so leave me a comment or get in touch with me on social media! 

Love Amber x

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Instagram #'s

Hello, I hope you are well and are having a fabulous week so far. I have really been enjoying creating new pages in my bullet journal that are blog/goal related; it helps to keep me focused and motivates me more than ever. This particular bujo page and blog post revolves around Instagram hashtags (if you hadn't already worked that out by the title) and it's something I have just got to grips with. Hashtags are such a powerful tool to use to get your images out there and beyond the reach of your current following. Personally, I search hashtags all the time and even follow hashtags to find new content for my feed and to connect with other like-minded people online. I have seen a HUGE increase in engagement and followers on my blog since I started posting consistently with relevant hashtags and engaging with others.

I recently shared the above photo on my Instagram feed and it attracted quite a bit of attention for me to write this post and share what my go to hashtags are every time I post. My first tip is to save a list of hashtags not only in your bujo/journal/diary like me, but also save them on your phone where they are easily accessible to copy and paste when you need them. -hint- -hint- feel free to copy and use the hashtags I have included in this post!

Now before I get started, I just want to make it clear that popular hashtags change all the time and you've got to keep yourself current by looking at what other people are including in their hashtags and just generally by engaging on Instagram - they will crop up! Also, be sure to check the hashtags you are using because some can be banned which will lead to you being shadow banned and you don't want that. I.e things like 'XXX' which I am sure you are smart enough to not use anyway.

Did you know you can use up to 30 hashtags on each post?! I choose to put mine in a comment as soon as I post to Instagram which tends to work well as it doesn't clutter up your all important caption (which is a whole other element to perfecting the art of Instagram) so below, I have included a max of 30 hashtags for each separate category (this will make it easy for you to copy and paste), sometimes you'll even be able to mix them up a bit if your post contains a bit of everything!

B E A U T Y 

#bbloggers #beautyblogger #beautyguru #makeuphoarder #fotd #wakeupandmakeup #beautycare #beautyaddict #makeupgeek #makeupforever #flatlaystyle #flatlaysquad #instabeauty #makeuplife #makeupaddict #beautyproduct #skincare

F O O D 

#eeeeeats #foodstyling #foodie #atmytable #foodblogger #feedfeed #foodphotography #seasonalfood #foodporn #chefmode #foodgasm #nom #eatingfortheinsta #hungry #hangry 

tea/coffee - #coffeeholic #coffeeoftheday #coffeeart #coffeelife #cupsinframe #butfirstcoffee #teabreak #cffeemovement #teaonly #ateacuplove #teaandseasons #acupoflove 

L I F E S T Y L E 

#flashesofdelight #thehappynow #livethelittlethings #pursuepretty #theeverydayproject #makeyousmilestyle #thatsdarling #photosproject #photosinbetween #soloverly #theartofslowliving #slowliving #theauthenticfeeling #creativityfound #capturequiet #liveauthentic #aseasonalyear #momentsofmine #ofsimplethings #theuncoolclub #simplethingsmadebeautiful #todaysgoodthing #shinyhappybloggers #thegirlgang 


#girlbossparty #creativityfound #savvybusinessowner #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #bandogirlgang #dontquityourdaydream #flashesofdelight #creativepreneur #illustrator #illustrationoftheday #illustrationartists #illustrationnow #artistsoninstagram #instaart 

D A I L Y 

mon - #mondaymotivation #mondayblues #motivationmonday

tue - #traveltuesday #tiptuesday

wed - #womancrushwednesday #wcw #humpday #wonderfulwednesday

thus -  #throwbackthursday #tbt

fri - #followfriday #ff #fridayfun #fridaynight

sat - #saturdayshenanigans #caturday

sun - #sundayfunday #selfiesunday

These hashtags are my current go-to's but I am constantly updating them and finding new ones and I would definitely recommend you do the same! It's a good starting point for you and I hope this post has been helpful so that you can keep referring back to it when you need it. Do you have any hashtags you like to use that are a little different or don't appear on my list? I would love to know!

Love Amber x

Monday, 12 February 2018

My Bathroom Must Haves

I could spend all day in the bath given the opportunity and I love how refreshed I feel after I have a shower. Unfortunately, I am one of those people that has to wash my hair every day otherwise it'll look like I have just took my head out of a deep fat fryer. I don't particularly mind it because my hair isn't thick so it doesn't take too long to dry and style, plus, washing my hair in the morning is part of what wakes me up and starts my day fresh, clean and dandy. SO, I thought I would share what products I've been loving in my bathroom recently and what I just couldn't leave out of my routine.

| Herbal Essences - Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo & Conditioner |

I thought to myself recently that I need to change up my shampoo and conditioner, because y'know, you should never used the same product for too long. I had heard good things about this Herbal Essences range that are slightly pricier than the usual hair products I'd buy at £4.50 each, but it is totally worth it. I am not kidding - this stuff smells incredible. I have always been a Herbal Essences fan as I love their fragrances and how my hair smells delicious all day long but this one's a new find and I am totally loving it. Not only does my hair smell good enough to eat, it's so soft, silky and shiny all day long. 

| Imperial Leather - Orchid & Ylang Ylang Bath Cream |

My boyfriend came home with this one day as he likes to go shopping on his lunch time to pick up some bargains and usually comes back with some kind of new/favourite product for me (I know, cute right?) and he's being buying it ever since! I love this stuff and it's so cheap so I don't feel guilty when I over indulge by putting a tonne of it in my bath for -all the bubbles- The scent is luxurious and relaxing, a definite must when I have a bath.

| Jo Malone - Red Roses Bath Oil |

I love this product though I tend to use it sparingly because of the price tag but also because you don't really need much as just a couple of drops is enough to get your whole bathroom smelling like a beautiful rose garden. Stu bought me this for Christmas so whenever I use it, I think of him as it's also a very romantic smelling scent. Perfect for weekends away with your other half or a night in practising self love.

| Lush Bath Bomb |

This is pretty generic because I love to switch up my Lush bath bombs to try new ones or go back to old favourites. I love going to a Lush shop and stocking up on them; one that makes it in to my Lush basket every time is The Comforter - so many bubbles and it smells absolutely amazing! The only problem is, they're pretty expensive if you use them all the time so I tend to save them for when I can spend agessss in the bath and have a full on Instagram liking/commenting session.

Do you have any favourites? 

Love Amber x


Thursday, 8 February 2018

Five Hygge Ideas for Spring

Hey! Who's looking forward to spring as much as I am?! I don't know about you but I'm done with the cold, dark weather and need some sunshine back in my life. If you're an avid reader of my blog, then you will know how much I bang on about 'hygge' because I blumin' love it and how it can mean so many different things to different people. Many people associate hygge with winter, however I've found ways to experience it all year round. If you're not too sure what hygge is, then you can read my post on what it means to me here. Spring is my absolute favourite season as I love that it represents new life and there will be so much colour back in the world after a  very cold and dismal winter. The tulips and daffodils have started to appear in the shops which means the new season is fast approaching so I thought I would do a bit of a round up of my favourite hygge spring activities that you can experience too.


I associate spring with renewal so I like to get my hygge on by de-cluttering the house, wardrobe, car, office - you name it! There's something delightfully soothing about spring-cleaning isn't there?

I also like to take my time to rejuvenate during spring so a relaxing spa day is on the cards. I was lucky enough to be gifted a Champneys voucher over Christmas so I will definitely be seeking some tranquillity at a spa during spring. 

Herb Garden

I cannot wait to pot up a new herb garden. My next door neighbour has his in his kitchen window and I always admire it as I walk by. I love having herbs on hand in the garden, ready to add to what I am cooking up for dinner in the kitchen. I find that herbs last longer outside and adds to the hyggelig atmosphere when I'm sat eating my breakfast in the spring sun. 


Nothing beats a coffee and a catch up with a friend. This is one of my favourite things to do during spring because the mornings are brighter and it's such a lovely way to start the day. The Danes know how to brunch right as when I visited Copenhagen last year I found that the brunch food on offer was to die for - pastries, porridge and granola galore!

Bike Ride

I haven't owned a bike since I was a kid, but there is nothing stopping me or you hiring one and taking a bike ride in the countryside or around a nature reserve. I am really looking forward to spending more time outdoors this year so a bike ride could be a lot of fun. 

Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

Enjoy the new season's fruit and veg and play around with new ingredients! Spring welcomes asparagus, spinach, radishes, leeks, lemons, rhubarb and much more. I love baking up a rhubarb crumble during spring, will be sure to share the recipe with you all soon. 

What are your favourite hygge things to do in spring? Do you have any tasty recipes to share or where do you like to explore? 

Love Amber x


Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Nine Positives in January

Hello, hello! I hope you are all having a wonderful February so far and are looking forward to longer sunshine hours just like me. It took so long to get us to Feb as January really is a long slog isn't it? Now that Feb is here, I feel like it's flying by crazy fast! One thing I need to do more of is focus on the positives. I've started to write them down each month in my BuJo but I thought you might like to hear about them too. I absolutely love reading these sorts of posts because you can really tell how uplifted the person feels after writing down a load of positives. So here's my round-up:

1. We started puppy classes and I taught Pepper how to give me her paw. She's only five months old and we were shaking hand and paw within twenty minutes - I was well impressed!

2. I signed up to a new gym and doctors. I have recently moved to a new area away from home so this was a very positive start to the year. I want to look after myself a bit better this year and get back in to swimming as it's something I've always loved. 

3. Date Night at The Unicorns Head in Langar. Stu and I have agreed that we will have at least one date night a month. We are aiming for on or around the 19th of each month as this was the date of our first date and I think that's pretty cute. 

4. Games Night with Friends. I blumin' love a games night in and it's so much fun. We have bought Hot Seat recently which is so much fun, especially when you really know the people you're playing with. We have also got the kids game 'Dobble' which is so addictive and really brings out my competitive side. 

5. Completed Peaky Blinders. Stu and I are OBSESSED with this programme. We tried to get tickets to an event in Birmingham but it was so popular that it sold out straight away so we've decided we are going to try and create our own Peaky Blinders event in the future! I cannot believe it's not back on until 2019.

6. Smashed my social media goals. Last month I gave myself targets to hit for January and I surpassed most of them by A LOT. I was so shocked. I've really been working hard on engagement so I guess it's paying off. The one I need to work on is Pinterest - if you have any tips on how to grow a Pinterest following, I am all ears! 

7. Booked our holiday to Gran Canaria. I am so looking forward to getting some sun this year. I've never been to the Canary Islands but I've heard Gran Canaria is the most romantic out of the lot. It is literally going to be a cocktail, poolside and beach holiday and I can't wait. 

8. Reduced outgoings by a lot! I can't quite believe I have been driving for over a year and did not expect my insurance to drop so much. Stu and I are planning on being a bit more cautious with money as I've gone part-time to pursue my creative work and we would like to buy a bigger house at some point in the future. 

9. Greek Night for Mum and G-dad's birthdays. This was so much fun and threw me right back to holidays in Greece with my family. They had live Greek music on and our waiter became live entertainment with his fab dancing.

What was positive in your January? Have you got anything lined up for February? 😊

Monday, 15 January 2018

Living A More Minimalist Life

As I write this post, I am sat on the bed in my pyjamas listening to the wonderful Ludovico Einaudi, appreciating the small things in life that keep me calm and happy. Money has been pretty tight recently with leaving my old job to go part time in order to focus on my creative ventures. My passion is my creative work so I have made sacrifices (i.e money) for the time being. Due to this, I have been living my life like a minimalist as I haven't been spending much money at all and boy has it done me some good and I would recommend it to anyone. I hope this post inspires you to live a more minimalist life like me.

Before the changes I have made, I was getting up super early, commuting two hours to and from work everyday to a job I didn't love, with people that didn't 'get' me or endorse my skills to their full potential and I felt like I was in a rut. Yes, I was paid relatively well for a twenty-four year old and I was able to go out and party with friends and spend money frivolously on alcohol, dinner dates and make-up products but that just isn't me anymore. I look forward to bed time at 10.00pm every night with my mug of herbal tea whislt getting lost in a book ~even at the weekends~. 

I have recently moved to a gorgeous place for the man I love right on the doorstep of the countryside, got myself a part-time job at a beautiful spa hotel and am enjoying making new friends and rekindling relationships with old ones. I love inviting friends over, plating up some nibbles and hosting a games night - simple, fun and cost-effective. My family and friends see how happy I am right now and couldn't be more supportive with the life-changing choices I have made and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

I couldn't believe how much money I was spending on food - McDonalds, Chinese, KFC and eating out at fancy restaurants. SO, Stu and I have agreed to stop ordering take-aways and dining out so much, and have decided on or around the 19th of every month we will have a date night together as the 19th is the date we went on our first date. It means we have something to look forward to by having a romantic evening planned once a month and are able to put money aside in future for our next home. This also means I am having to cook more and plan meals which I actually really enjoy. I have a few cookbooks for ideas and just love playing around in the kitchen, concocting tasty dishes for Stu and I to enjoy.  

With this new outlook on life, I have re-branded my blog and illustration business with a fresh new look and my photography has taken on these changes too. I am feeling inspired and energised with so much more time to invest in what makes me happy. I can't wait for spring to arrive for more sunshine and to get outdoors more. 

I have learned to appreciate my surroundings, what I already have and that you don't need money to be happy. I had lost touch with the simple things in life like walking the dog and exploring somewhere totally new, having a candlelit bath or having a games night with friends. I was taking 'things' for granted so stepping back and looking at everything in my life as a whole to search out all the positives was so therapeutic and healthy. It's almost been like going through a life detox. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to know your thoughts on living a more minimalist life. Is this something you try to live by? 

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Beauty Bits I'm Loving ATM.

It has been a long time since I wrote my last beauty/skincare/makeup post. That is NOT to say I have fallen out of love with beauty products, it's just that I wasn't really trying anything new due to lack of funds and having little to no time to mix up my beauty regime. SO, I thought it would be rude not to share the new beauty bits that I have been loving recently. 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation (£30)
I've heard great things about this foundation and have seen it everywhere so I thought it was about time I gave it a go to see what all the fuss is about. This is a very new purchase so I've only put it to the test a handful of times. I have tried SO many different foundations from high end to low end but the colour and consistency combination have never been quite right...until now. It's perfect for my combination skin as it mattifies those annoyingly oily areas without looking too drying in other dry areas and the colour suits me perfectly with golden tones hinted throughout.

Rosie for Autograph Starstuck Contour (£15)
This is a re-purchase that I recently ran out of. The contour stick is perfect for blending contours in to my skin as it's so creamy and smooth with a gorgeous golden brown colouring. I tend to use it in the hollows of my cheeks, lines of my nose and around my hairline blended with a beauty blender. It's been giving me some much needed colour when my skin hasn't seen the sun for some time.

I was fortunate enough to be given samples of these products recently as I work for a luxury spa so I have linked the closest product to them above. I have always loved Elemis skin care products and the Sweet Orchid Body Cream is no exception. It smells amazing and feels amazing and makes my skin feel nourished and hydrated. 

Though I have only been using the sample size of the Decléor Prolagene Lift Day Cream, I am VERY tempted to buy the product itself as my skin has been loving it as my skin has been radiant and glowing. I have been recommended Decléor products to help with stubborn spots previously and it really has helped reduce the number of break outs on my skin. The day cream is also anti-ageing, which some of you may think 'I'm too young for anti-ageing products' but I have to say, it's better to start young than too late when the signs of ageing begin to appear. 

Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil (30ml £18)
I was bought this as a gift from Stu for Christmas as part of a set along with the Incense and Embers scented candle much to my delight. He managed to keep me guessing and it was a total surprise. I had not really used bath oils too much before however this has certainly changed my mind. The scent lasts so much longer than bubble bath and leaves my skin smelling beautiful. It was a very thoughtful and romantic gift that would also make a great Valentines present so get dropping those hints!

Another new make-up purchase which I am loving is this stunning eye palette by Charlotte Tilbury. I wear a lot of pink-y/purple-y tones on my eyes and love shimmer eye-shadows so this little palette is perfect for me. It's a little on the pricey side but it's totally worth it. When I first used the product, I couldn't believe how the smokey shades were transformed by the glittering gold shimmer shadow I put over the top; the look turned in to an instant chic evening look that I have been using time and time again.  

What beauty bits have you been loving recently? I'd love your recommendations so please leave me a comment below or get in touch with me on my socials. 


Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Five Tips For Night Time Self Care

Bed time, you and I have not always seen eye to eye but I finally feel like I am getting somewhere when it comes to looking after myself to ensure I get a better nights sleep. I now know to listen to my body and mind when it's telling me it needs a break. 

Now that Christmas is over, I don't think I am alone in saying that I would like Winter to hurry up and to start welcoming spring so that I can enjoy the sunshine and warmth again. The dull, cold winter days and dark early evenings can be tempting to forget my whole self care routine, jump straight in to my pyjamas and binge watch Netflix all evening in bed. Sometimes this is perfect but most of the time I need my time to be spent reading rather than watching, sipping herbal tea rather than eating and sleeping rather than thinking. 

So, as we still have a little of winter left, I thought I would share my favourite tips and tricks for a better nights sleep and my night time self care routine, especially for this time of year. 

| Wind Down |

The most important part of my night time self care routine and something I don't do enough of is winding down. The amount of evenings I spend pinning ideas on Pinterest, binge watching Peaky Blinders and scrolling through social media to then wondering why I can't sleep is beyond me. Though, the answer is SO obvious. I need that time for my mind to wind down before expecting it just shut off before I go to sleep. 

In order to do this, I have been turning off the TV (if it was up to me, there wouldn't be a TV in the bedroom!) placing my phone on silent across the room and do things like read a book in low light if I'm not quite tired and it's really helped. 

| Pamper Yourself |

Something I need to do more of is pampering myself before I go to sleep. I find that I sleep so well after a hot, Lavender infused bubble bath and then I get all cosy in clean fresh bedding. An evening pamper routine could be as simple as face-masking, moisturising or just cleansing and toning. I find going to sleep after I have cleansed and pampered makes all the difference. 

I have recently started working at a Spa part time as an office administrator and have come across some lovely products that I have splurged on to include in my night time pamper routine. One of which is the Ragdale Hall Spa Time to Sleep mist which reminds me so much of the This Works Pillow Spray as it's Lavender and Chamomile scented but a fraction of the price at just £5.00. You can buy yourself some from the Hall itself or Marks and Spencer. I am finding that I use it more than I did the This Works version due to the price which makes it a lot more effective.

| Write It Down |

If you're anything like me, ideas and thoughts pop into your head when you are trying to switch off and get some much needed Zzzzz's. There is nothing more annoying than having a genius idea the night before but finding that you didn't document it because you didn't want to tempt yourself by putting them in your phone. So, I tend to write my ideas down in a notepad I keep on my bedside table and have easy access to a low lit lamp. Much better for keeping your brain switched off. 

I have also recently started a Bullet Journal where I write down all of my tasks for the next day so that I don't go to bed thinking that I need to remember something as it's all written down.

| Home Comforts | 

For me, fresh bedding is a must and I notice the difference in my sleep when the bedding isn't clean. After time, the sheets get baggy and the bed feels clammy which I can't stop thinking about when I am trying to get comfortable. And as much as I love my cushions, they really are just for show so they get thrown off the bed so that there is more space to wriggle around in during the night. 

I also love to burn a candle before bed which keeps the light low and gives a cosy atmosphere. My favourite at the minute is the Yankee Candle All Is Bright. I know it's a Christmas themed candle but we are still in winter and it's got quite a fresh smell to it. 

| Get Some Sleep | 

This may sound obvious but ensuring you have the time you need to sleep is so important. There have been many mornings where I have got around 5-6 hours of disturbed sleep and have woken up feeling so groggy with a headache. Not a good idea for my self care or for anyone I come across that morning for that matter. The issue is I am a night owl and most definitely not a morning person. So, I ensure that I will have enough time for a solid 7-8 hours sleep and then I feel much better the following day. 

My surroundings also play a big part on whether I get a good night sleep or not. If I go to sleep with a messy bedroom I am a lot more likely to wake up through the night. A tidy room really does equal to a tidy mind.

What do you do to wind down? Do you have a favourite evening ritual? 

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