Monday, 15 January 2018

Living A More Minimalist Life

As I write this post, I am sat on the bed in my pyjamas listening to the wonderful Ludovico Einaudi, appreciating the small things in life that keep me calm and happy. Money has been pretty tight recently with leaving my old job to go part time in order to focus on my creative ventures. My passion is my creative work so I have made sacrifices (i.e money) for the time being. Due to this, I have been living my life like a minimalist as I haven't been spending much money at all and boy has it done me some good and I would recommend it to anyone. I hope this post inspires you to live a more minimalist life like me.

Before the changes I have made, I was getting up super early, commuting two hours to and from work everyday to a job I didn't love, with people that didn't 'get' me or endorse my skills to their full potential and I felt like I was in a rut. Yes, I was paid relatively well for a twenty-four year old and I was able to go out and party with friends and spend money frivolously on alcohol, dinner dates and make-up products but that just isn't me anymore. I look forward to bed time at 10.00pm every night with my mug of herbal tea whislt getting lost in a book ~even at the weekends~. 

I have recently moved to a gorgeous place for the man I love right on the doorstep of the countryside, got myself a part-time job at a beautiful spa hotel and am enjoying making new friends and rekindling relationships with old ones. I love inviting friends over, plating up some nibbles and hosting a games night - simple, fun and cost-effective. My family and friends see how happy I am right now and couldn't be more supportive with the life-changing choices I have made and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

I couldn't believe how much money I was spending on food - McDonalds, Chinese, KFC and eating out at fancy restaurants. SO, Stu and I have agreed to stop ordering take-aways and dining out so much, and have decided on or around the 19th of every month we will have a date night together as the 19th is the date we went on our first date. It means we have something to look forward to by having a romantic evening planned once a month and are able to put money aside in future for our next home. This also means I am having to cook more and plan meals which I actually really enjoy. I have a few cookbooks for ideas and just love playing around in the kitchen, concocting tasty dishes for Stu and I to enjoy.  

With this new outlook on life, I have re-branded my blog and illustration business with a fresh new look and my photography has taken on these changes too. I am feeling inspired and energised with so much more time to invest in what makes me happy. I can't wait for spring to arrive for more sunshine and to get outdoors more. 

I have learned to appreciate my surroundings, what I already have and that you don't need money to be happy. I had lost touch with the simple things in life like walking the dog and exploring somewhere totally new, having a candlelit bath or having a games night with friends. I was taking 'things' for granted so stepping back and looking at everything in my life as a whole to search out all the positives was so therapeutic and healthy. It's almost been like going through a life detox. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to know your thoughts on living a more minimalist life. Is this something you try to live by? 


  1. Good job girl!You are such an inspiration, I really need to quit buying fast food and just treat myself once in a while instead of frequently.

    1. Thank you Sofia. I need to look at this post and remind myself of this sometimes too!

      Love Amber x


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