Sunday, 18 February 2018

Five Effective Blogging Goals

I don't know if you've noticed (I really hope you have) that I've upped my blogging game recently. I'm posting consistently, getting creative with my photography and I am a lot more active on social media. Why? I've gone semi part-time to follow my hopes and dreams involving my creative work and at the moment I have focused myself on my blog and social media with the occasional illustration being drawn up when the mood strikes, ready for when I focus on my Etsy store. What I mean by semi part-time is that it's between the hours someone PT and someone FT would work with enough money coming in to get me by whilst I have the time to go after what I really want in life. It was a huge decision I took and I couldn't have done it without my boyfriend being there every step of the way. He da best.

I have had to be VERY self motivating and am trying hard to put myself out there by e-mailing PR agencies, connecting with other bloggers and just generally being active on social media every day. I took quite a hit financially by going part-time which can at times be pretty daunting with direct debits and a couple of debts to pay but I am having to live life frugally for the time being in the hope that all my hard work will pay off. Sometimes I have to break things down and give myself goals to hit by a certain time or to develop a certain skill, otherwise everything gets pretty overwhelming. SO I thought I'd break it down and put it in a blog post for you all to see what I am working to achieve and maybe even inspire some of you!

No.1. Play with photography

We have fairly recently bought a new Canon DSLR camera and have not one but THREE lenses for it and a tripod. I really want to learn how to use this properly and create some amazing photos for the Ambambe business venture I am on. As you will know, photography is a big part of blogging and an illustration business because we are very visual creatures that like pretty things to look at with clean cut backgrounds. I am relatively happy with the current content I create but I'd like to do more and build on my photography skills. I think this one is a matter of playing around with the camera settings, checking out some blog posts/youtube vids and a bit of trial and error!

No.2. Be consistent

I have fallen off the blogging train a couple of times in the past. There are ugly gaps in my archive where I just lacked motivation and let life get in the way of me posting regularly. I am going to be a lot more strict on myself and I might even employ a posting schedule so I have a mini deadline to meet 2-3 times per week. I already have a few monthly themed posts lined up for each and every month like my Nine Positives in January post, so this is a good starting point.

No.3. Set social media goals every month

I started doing this in January and I cannot believe the results! I hate to not reach a goal I've set so this is VERY motivational. For instance, I had 1,345 Instagram followers at the beginning of January, so I set myself a target to reach 1,450 by Feb - I hit 1,595! This months target is 1,750 and I'm currently on 1,738 - hopefully I will smash this one too. There is no better feeling than achieving a goal. The trick is to make sure it pushes you but make the goal achievable. I invest a lot of time in this at the start of the month so I can take my foot of the pedal by the end, ready to go at it again the following month and it's working wonders for me.

No.4. Schedule tweets

Ah, the lovely, laborious task - scheduling tweets. I find this just as boring as the next blogger to try and think of grabbing content for my twitter but it has to be done because it gets your posts out there and increases those all important page views. My Twitter following is my largest at over 2.5k so it's imperative I keep my followers up to date when there's a new post on the blog or drive traffic to an old one. Again, I need to ensure I do this consistently.

No 5. Create Pinterest images for all new content

Apparently group boards on Pinterest are the way to go for driving traffic to your blog! I've always loved Pinterest and have started to create a few pin 'graphics' with Canva for my upcoming blog posts but it's just another task to add to blog admin isn't it? I've recently set up a new blog post board for the blogging girls I am connected with on other social media platforms so if you'd like to join, drop me a line as it's open to anyone, in fact the more the merrier! Once I get a bit more experience on this I will be sure to write up a post as I didn't have a clue until someone mentioned it to me on Twitter.

So there you have it, my current five effective blogging goals to keep referring back to which I am sure will help many of you in my boat too. I hope you've found this post helpful. Do you have any blogging goals at the moment? I would love to hear more so leave me a comment or get in touch with me on social media! 

Love Amber x


  1. Creating graphics for pinterest is SO important but such a task to go back through old posts and make graphics for them 😅 I've been trying to up my blogging recently as well!

  2. What app do you use to schedule tweets? I know of Sprout Social, but that is quite expensive. Hootsuite? Buffer? Tweetdeck? There are so many, I never know where to start and which ones are worth the time.

    Great post! x


  3. That's amazing!! Got to follow your dreams for sure. I adore your etsy print on Instagram too! Great tips, just keep smashing it x

    Yasmin 💗
    <a href="”>The Sweet Seven Five</a>

  4. I'm also looking forward to playing with my photography more!
    You've got some great goals here - You've got this
    Britt |

  5. Great post, photography is one of the big things I want to improve on!

  6. I want to start playing around with my photography as I got a really good camera that I need to make the most of. Love your goals and you will definitely smash them!

  7. I also want to improve on photography! Good luck with your great goals

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