Monday, 26 February 2018

Meal Preppin'

Food shopping can be the most laborious task for many of us and it has taken me so long to figure out an effective way of buying food and not wasting it or money. Last night I actually sat down and prepped our meals for the next two weeks and I have never felt more like a grown up! After doing this for the first time EVER, I have realised where I've been going wrong when it comes to the food shop and why we ALWAYS have so much food left over at the end of the week... a habit I must have learned from my parents! Some of you may find this post really boring but I am hoping that a lot of you may find it useful and will enjoy the ramblings of a twenty-something year old that is just about learning to 'adult'.

Top Tip: Do your food shop online because you're less likely to add bargains and goodies to your basket! 

First things first, I scoured my recipe books. I have absolutely loads of recipe books and rarely use them because I just get comfortable and make the same old meals again and again - we are all guilty of that aren't we? I think this will help me to be more experimental and start making some of the lovely meals I've found on Pinterest too! We have decided we are going to order a food shop online every weekend to come on a Monday as it's one of my work from home days. This should prepare us well from the start of each week, all being well.

I put a list together of new meals I want to try and favourites I have made for us in the past before allocating a meal to each day for the next two weeks. I also wrote a separate list including basics such as seeded bread, ham and cucumber for lunch times and Greek yoghurt, raspberries and bananas to go with granola and honey in the mornings, as well as a few other bits and bobs. 

I then wrote a list (I love a good list, can you tell?) of all the ingredients I didn't have for the meals I plan on preparing which was mainly fresh ingredients. This was my shopping list. I couldn't believe how simple and effective this way of shopping for the week was.

Meals I planned included:
- Stuffed peppers,
- Red Thai Curry (Prawn and Chicken for 2 separate meals) 
- Roast tikka chicken
- Smoked Salmon with Chilli
- Smoky pancetta cod
- Spring lamb
- Chilli Con Carne
- Sticky pork stir fry

Plus a load more!

Top Tip: Don't go food shopping when you're hungry - you will ALWAYS buy more than you need. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. If you're interested in recipes or what cook books I use, let me know as I'd love to write more posts like this. What are your top tips for meal prepping? Do you just wing it when you go to the supermarket or do you plan your meals? 


  1. I love using Pinterest for meal ideas! I always find it difficult to ensure I don't let leftover ingredients go to waste, so finding meals which use some of the same food items is always useful. I also agree that shopping online means you spend less, it's so easy to just to grab things in the supermarket that you don't really need.

    Love this post!
    Georgie xo
    Georgie Nicks | Life Blog

  2. Meal planning was the one thing that got me through my final year of university. In my first year I wasted so much money and was constantly throwing away food that had gone off or having to go to the shop to buy extras that I needed to make a meal!!

    It's definitely something I will be doing when I have my own house and quite frankly, I cannot wait!!!

    Your lists are so pretty, I wish I was as creative as you!

    Hann xx

  3. This is so super organized, I love it! I generally take the time to plan out my meals and then end up going totally off the list anyway hahaha
    The organization in advance isn't my problem - its my follow through!
    Britt |


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