Thursday, 1 March 2018

March Goals & Ambitions

Can you believe that February is already over?! January went by so slowly and then February was over in a flash! This has concerned me a little as I felt like I didn't get much done in February and I really need to do more in the coming months in terms of personal life, illustration and blog work. SO, each month I am going to make a small list of some goals and ambitions to reflect on at the end of the month; this way I am holding myself  accountable (and you should too) to reach these goals as it's written right here on my blog, my tiny peice of the internet.

1. Get my butt to the gym/pool.
Not going to lie... this was an aim for February that I just didn't make the time for (I know, I know, it's naughty) I am the heaviest I have ever been and have started shying away from being on camera because I'm noticing the weight in my face and I really don't like it. The only way that's going to change is by me getting more active and improving my diet.

2. Have a meal plan for every week & eat healthily.
I wrote a post on how I have started planning my meals recently, and I fully intend to stick to it throughout March. Not only will this save us money, but it will also encourage healthy eating as home cooked meals are of course better for you than fast food. I have also given up fast food for Lent to try and get me out of that lazy habit of not cooking dinner. I can cook, and I can cook well if I do say so myself so there really is no excuse.

3. Post on my blog at least twice a week.
I posted on my blog 6 times in February which is a big improvement but not big enough in my book. I want to work on my SEO and DA, and to do that I need to post regularly so you lovely people have plenty of reading to do on my blog. I'm planning on sharing more travel, food, beauty and well-being related posts and have a few already written up so I've made a good start!

4. Produce more stock for my Etsy.
I recently listed my Nyhavn in Copenhagen print on my Etsy store which I got really excited about. I haven't got much other stock and need to make sure I am consistent with this. I also want to take on more opportunities to work with other people such as small businesses and wedding stationary. I might even mock up some designs so that it showcases the skills I have as right now I don't have much to show off.

5. Visit somewhere new. 
For this I am thinking a local National Trust, a country park or a new restaurant. I need to step out of my comfort zone and explore my relatively new surroundings as I only moved to Leicestershire a couple of months ago. Leicestershire is such a beautiful place so I really must make the time to see more of it, rather than the same old stuff every weekend.

6. Seek brand collaborations.
This is something I started to do towards the end of February and have a couple of collaborations lined up for you to read about in March. I want to build my credibility and put my all into my creative work to start earning some money from my blog. I'm getting there slowly but surely and know that to begin with I will have to work for free in order to build on these opportunities in the long run and I don't mind that.

What are your goals and ambitions for March? Do you set yourself goals at the start of each month to tick off and reflect on?

Love Amber x



  1. Ooh looking forward to seeing your collaborations later this month! I, too, have felt the need to really sort out my fitness/weight recently, but I'm not putting too much pressure on myself until the weather starts cheering up a bit - I find it so hard to be active and healthy in winter!

    Uni work has pretty much taken over my life as of late so my only real goals for March are to keep up with my deadlines! And try to drink more water. I feel like that's always a goal of mine haha.

    Georgie xo

    1. I am excited to share them with you Georgie!! Yes I totally agree with you about the cold weather, it is very off-putting.

      That's a great goal, I see your uni work and am in awe of it all the time! Haha And I'm with you on the water thing!

      Love Amber x

  2. Such a good idea. I love this post. I feel really inspired to potentially do a post like this. Such a good way of organising yourself for the month. Gorgeous blog hun <3 xxx

    1. Thanks so much Steph! Go ahead, I look forward to reading it :)

      Love Amber x

  3. 1, 2 and 3 ring a bell for me! This is the exact way I've been feeling about myself in photos. I finally started going to the gym and ordered a cooking book to help me make my meals more healthy. I really need to control my portions and the amount of sugar I take. As for the blog consistency, I've gone down this awful pattern of posting very little (mostly because I am a huge perfectionist and it has to be "right" or it won't go live and also, the good ol' lack of time). We can do this!!! :D
    xox Nadia


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