Sunday, 4 March 2018

Nine Positives in February

Hey! I hope you're having a wonderful day so far. I posted all about my January favourites last month and you all seemed to love that style of post so I thought I would do it again and make it a monthly thing! I love writing personal posts and I hope you enjoy reading them and getting to know me a bit better too. Feb was a bit of a quieter month for me but OMG how quickly did it fly by?! January seemed to take it's sweet ol' time but February made me wish 2018 would slow down a little. So here's what happened in Feb: 

1.Val passed her MOT
If you hadn't already guessed, Val, short for Valerie, is my car. I have driven A LOT over the past year as I commuted to and from my old job after I moved in with my boyfriend. It only lasted a few months but I was SO worried that she wouldn't pass after failing on her break discs and pads last year. But she passed! Hurrah! 

2. Listed my new Copenhagen print on Etsy!
At the end of February I ordered a load of my prints of my Copenhagen painting to try and start stocking my Etsy shop a little better as I hadn't listed anything since before Christmas. I am hoping that once I build up a bit of a stock list, my little shop will become a bit more popular as I would love my budding illustration business to take off. 

3. Imagine Dragons at the Genting Arena
I LOVE Imagine Dragons and LOVE them even more after seeing them live. They were absolutely fabulous! We went to TGI's for dinner before, had dinner and a few cocktails, shopped a little in Resorts World - it was the perfect Date Night and I was buzzzzing afterwards. 

4. Spruced up the house
If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I have recently done a bit of a spring clean in the house and bought a few bits to spruce it up a bit. I moved in to my boyfriends bachelor pad so I had to add a few girly touches to our home until we buy something a little bigger together in the future! I bought a few new lamps for the living room and bedroom, spare-room bedding, a pink chunky knit throw for the bed and a few other bits and bobs. 

5. Shrove Tuesday
I love pancake day. I love pancakes! Who doesn't? My favourite toppings are usually nutella, strawberries and squirty cream but this year we went for maple syrup, bacon and blueberries on top of American style pancakes - so scrummy! 

6. Valentines Day
Stu and I didn't have much time together on Valentines Day this year as we both had work and then went straight to puppy lessons so we decided to do the whole gift thing the day before (let's be honest, it's just another excuse to spoil one another isn't it?) I bought Stu a new leather wallet and made him a cute card but Stu pushed the boat out and spoiled me rotten! He bought me some pearl earrings from Pandora, two boxes of my favourite chocolates, fake peonies (screamed at the inner blogger in me that 'he gets me') and cute card with a Dachshund on it saying 'I woof you' - how adorable?

7. Signed up to Blogsphere Magasine
I FINALLY did it! I signed up to Blogsphere Magasine and became part of the gang. The first issue I received was great and I found it very inspirational and I found a load of new bloggers to support. I'm really looking forward to receiving the next issue this month. 

8. Wheatcroft Garden Centre
I feel so old when I say this but who doesn't love a good garden centre? I remember when I was a kid and I used to hate most of them (unless they had an art supplies section) and thought it was the worst day out. But now, it's the BEST day out. So many pretty indoor plants, herb garden inspiration and and a cute cafe on top! What's not to love? 

9. Hit my social media goals
Once again, I am over the moon that I hit my social media goals. I'll break it down so you can see how I challenge myself and track my progress:

Start of the month:         Goal:         End of the month:
Twitter: 2,419                   2,600                   2,715
Instagram: 1,595               1,750                   1,925
Bloglovin': 332                    350                      376
Pinterest: 12                           20                        77



  1. Ahhh, I loved reading these highlights of yours, lovely. I might need to do a similar post (thank for the inspo) as a little reminder to myself what I've been thankful for/happy with each month.
    By the way, well done on signing up for Blogosphere Magazine! I signed up last year (C. Neistat issue) and oh my word, it's amazing! I can't wait to get Lydia's one. I also mentioned BM in my most recent blog post too :D Great minds think alike.
    xox Nadia

  2. Good on you Amber! Looks like February was a good month for you. Super awesome on the followers Too!



  3. What a great post, and good job hitting your social media goals. We all need a little more focus on the positivity in our lives!
    Britt |

  4. Well done on hitting your social media goals, that's awesome!! Loved reading this post!!

  5. Jealous of Imagine Dragons! This is a great idea for a post - lots of positivity.


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